Meetings 2022

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Meetings 2022

All walks start at 10am (try to get to the meeting place by 9.30am) and usually finish at around 4pm, or earlier. Suitable clothing and footwear recommended, and bring a packed lunch. Leader/contact for all walks is Ian Bennallick unless stated otherwise. Botanical Cornwall Group Co-ordinator – Ian Bennallick, Lower Polmorla, St Wenn, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL30 5PE. Tel: 01726 890384 or 07714 738189.

Wednesday 25 May LIZARD SW61/SW71 – A walk from Lizard Village SW7012 to Caerthillian Cove SW6912 to look for some of the rarest British plants including Twin-headed Clover (Trifolium bocconei), Upright Clover (T. strictum), Long-headed Clover (T. incarnatum subsp. molinerii), Prostrate Asparagus (Asparagus prostratus), Ciliate Rupturewort (Herniaria ciliolata), Dwarf Rush (Juncus capitatus) and Land Quillwort (Isoetes histrix). A long list of uncommon species such as Thyme Broomrape (Orobanche alba), Chives (Allium schoenoprasum) and Hairy Greenweed (Genista pilosa) should also be seen. Meet at Lizard Green (free) car park, SW703125.

Tuesday 31 May – NARE HEAD SW93 – To check East Cornwall’s only population of Dwarf Rush (Juncus capitatus), and also to look for Yellow Vetch (Vicia lutea), Thyme Broomrape (Orobanche alba), Blue Fescue (Festuca longifolia), Slender Bird’s-foot-trefoil (Lotus angustissimus) and Clustered Clover (Trifolium glomeratum), and other rarities. Meet at Kiberick Cove (National Trust) car park, south of Veryan SW92103800.

Sunday 5 June TRENANT WOOD SX25. A Woodland Trust site, SX2454 is an under-recorded monad (only 147 species since 1999). Ancient woodland on the sides of the West Looe River with fields recently planted with trees. It will be interesting to see what species are present since the tree-planting scheme. Meet in small car park at SX23615510 along farm track south of Trenant Cross and Polpever).

Sunday 12 June – STEPPER POINT and HARBOUR COVE SW97. Coastal areas with wide range of habitats and species including a search for Broad-fruited and Hairy-fruited Cornsalad (Valerianella rimosa and V. eriocarpa), Yellow-vetch (Vicia lutea), Sharp Rush (Juncus acutus) and Galingale (Cyperus longus). Meet at car park south of Lellizzick SW90817714.

Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 June – LIZARD (GOONHILLY) SW72. On both mornings of the 14 and 15 June scientists from the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew (RBG, Kew) will be collecting plant material from fifty species found at Kynance for genome sequencing towards the Darwin Tree of Life (DToL) project ( Spaces for the collecting sessions are limited to 10 per morning and these are already booked up for the morning of the 14th. There are 5 spaces left for the morning of the 15 so if you are interested contact me ASAP! However, for those not booked on the morning collections at Kynance there will an extra morning walk on both days (with either Ian Bennallick or Colin French) into Goonhilly Downs, a short walk from the Natural England office, to see what may be around and a search for Pygmy Rush (Juncus pygmaeus) in opened up tracks. Other species that should be seen include Pillwort (Pilularia globulifera), Yellow Centaury (Cicendia filiformis) and perhaps Dwarf Rush (Juncus capitatus). Open to ALL on both days in the afternoon when there will be a presentation from the Kew scientists outlining the DToL project and demonstrations of what is involved in collecting samples and some plant identification training and discussion of the target species and their importance to the local ecology. Meet at Natural England office at Higher Bochym, SW70262010.

Friday 17 June – GOSS MOOR SW95/SW96. A walk from Domellick into Goss Moor National Nature Reserve for wetland species and a search for Lesser Butterfly-orchid (Platanthera bifolia). Wellies essential! Meet at small car park at Domellick SW94205869.

Tuesday 28 June – TALLAND and PORTNADLER BAY SX25 – Coastal walk to Talland. Meet at National Trust car park at Hendersick SX23595203.

Wednesday 6 July – GOSS MOOR SW95/SW96. A walk from the old A30 into Goss Moor National Nature Reserve for wetland species. Wellies essential! Meet at the layby on the route of the old A30 at SW94376044 (south of Deep Tye Farm). You can get to this location via the Screech Owl Sanctuary road between Blackacre and Ruthvoes Farm.

Sunday 10 July – COLLIFORD RESERVOIR SX17. A search for Frog Orchid (Coeloglossum viride). Meet SW of Deweymeads in car park at SX16387315.

Sunday 17 July CARNON VALLEY to BISSOE SW74. Exploring an area of old mine workings and valley. Meet at car park SW78334085.

Tuesday 19 July TREVELLAS PORTH to CLIGGA HEAD to SW75. Coastal walk to look for Mountain Everlasting (Antennaria dioica) and other coastal species. Heathland and mine waste areas. Meet at Trevellas Porth car park SW72645192. WARNING – the lane down to the car park is very rough and there is a width restriction so wide vehicles cannot enter the lane. If in doubt you can park in the small car park at Wheal Kitty (SW72605128) and walk down to the Trevellas Porth car park where we will start the walk at 10am. It is also advisable to access the road to either car park from the St Agnes direction and via Wheal Kitty as there is also a width restriction along the road at Cross Coombe. If you are unsure contact me before the meeting.

Tuesday 26 July – BRENEY COMMON SX06. Cornwall Wildlife Trust nature reserve. Searching for species of wet heath and wet willow woodland with pools, tracks and open ground. Recent pond clearance and creation area will be searched for Pillwort (Pilularia globulifera). Meet at car park by Lowertown Chapel at SX05266126.

Tuesday 2 August CAPE CORNWALL SW33. Coastal walk for late summer plants. Meet at National Trust car park at SW35343179.

Tuesday 16 August – GOSS MOOR SW95/SW96. A walk from the old A30 into Goss Moor National Nature Reserve for wetland species. Wellies essential! Meet at the layby on the route of the old A30 at SW96216099 (NW of Tregoss).

Tuesday 23 August – ROUGH TOR, north Bodmin Moor SX18. After the excitement of the newly discovered site of Parsley Fern (Cryptogramma crispa) near Rough Tor, which was new to Cornwall, in August 2020, the disappearance of the newly found plant shortly after (probably eaten or pulled out of the rock crevice by a grazing animal – I don’t want to think it had been uprooted by a human!)  was met with disappointment. However, if there was one there could be more so there will be a thorough search of the rocks and clitter around Rough Tor to see if other Parsley Fern plants are lurking. NOTE – The terrain can be difficult as there are loose rocks and deep holes between the clitter. Meet at Rough Tor car park at SX13818190.

Tuesday 30 August ST GENNYS TO CHIPMAN POINT SX19. Coastal walk for late summer plants and to get SX1598 over 200. Meet at St Gennys SX14929710.

Wednesday 14 September – LANSALLOS CLIFF SX15. Coastal walk for late summer plants and a search for Shore Dock (Rumex rupestris). Meet at National Trust car park at Lansallos SX17355178.

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