Cornish hawkweeds made easy

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Cornish hawkweeds made easy

Nick Stewart in Devon has been researching the different types of hawkweeds (Hieracia) found in Cornwall and Devon and has prepared (February 2013) a ‘Key to Devon and Cornwall Hawkweeds’ and a summary ‘Cornish hawkweeds made easy‘.

Nick explains “Hawkweeds (Hieracium) mostly reproduce apomictically and have developed into numerous microspecies. The main book needed for the identification of hawkweeds is Sell & Murrell’s Flora of Great Britain and Ireland volume 4 (2006). However, anyone that has thought about tackling the group in Cornwall has probably looked at the 412 species given here and the not very easy to use key and thought “no thanks”. However, there are only 15 species that have been recorded from the county and this makes the task a whole lot easier. Furthermore, only one of these, Hieracium umbellatum, occurs with any frequency and this is easy to identify.”….”two features are of particular importance when narrowing down the species: Number of stem leaves, and hairs on the involucral bracts.”

Nick continues “If you can identify Hieracium umbellatum you are well on your way and this is easy to do.  Anything that is not H. umbellatum is rare in Cornwall and it is worth collecting a sample as a voucher or for expert determination, if this does not endanger the population.”

PDF copies of both ‘Key to Devon and Cornwall Hawkweeds’  andCornish hawkweeds made easyare below.

Download Sample of Book (PDF, 174KB)

Download Sample of Book (PDF, 72KB)

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