BSBI New Year Plant Hunt 2016 – Newquay 3rd January

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BSBI New Year Plant Hunt 2016 – Newquay 3rd January

The BSBI organised a New Year Plant hunt over the New Year 2016 ( to see what plants in the wild would be in flower. The Botanical Cornwall Group organised a visit to Newquay on 3rd January 2016, where seven members (Ian Bennallick (BSBI vc2 East Cornwall recorder), Colin French (BSBI vc1 West Cornwall recorder), David Pearman, Matt Stribley, Judy Swift, Perry Smale and Peter Ealey) met near Trenance Gardens on an unexpectedly sunny day after a forecast of rain.  We targeted two 1km squares which held fewer than 200 vascular plant species recorded since 1999, in SW8160 and SW8161, walking from Trenance Gardens north to Great Western Beach and Tolcarne Point, then back south through Trenance to the River Gannel. All in 3 hours with several breaks. Even on a January day we found the following –

New to SW86 –
Agapanthus praecox subsp. orientalis
Campanula portenschlagiana
Cordyline australis
Oxalis incarnata

Also last recorded in SW86 in
Diplotaxis tenuifolia (1919)
Sedum acre (1909)

SW8161 – Trenance north to Tolcarne Point and Great Western Beach. Before the walk the square had 244 vascular plant species in total with 167 after 1999. Now 308 in total with 231 after 1999.

SW8160 – Trenance and the Gannel. Before the walk the square had 271 vascular plant species in total with 162 after 1999. Now  311 in total with 202 after 1999.

We saw the following 61 species in flower. Most not that unusual but Galium album (Photo – Judy Swift) was most ‘out of season’ and perhaps Triglochin maritima on the salt marsh on the River Gannel too (though I also saw Filipendula ulmaria in fine flower on a roadside north of Truro SW79614617 on 4th January).

Acanthus mollis
Allium triquetrum
Aster tripolium
Bellis perennis
Campanula porenschlagiana
Campanula poscharskyana
Capsella bursa-pastoris
Cardamine hirsuta
Centranthus ruber
Cerastium fontanum subsp. vulgare
Cerastium glomeratum
Cochlearia danica
Conyza sumatrensis
Crepis vesicaria subsp. taraxacifolia
Cymbalaria muralis
Dactylis glomerata
Erigeron glaucus
Erigeron karvinskianus
Euphorbia peplus
Ficaria verna
Galium album
Geranium molle
Geranium robertianum
Hebe x franciscana
Hedera hibernica
Heracleum sphondylium
Hordeum murinum
Hypochaeris radicata
Juncus bufonius
Kickxia elatine
Linaria purpurea
Lonicera japonica
Medicago arabica
Medicago lupulina
Oxalis incarnata
Parietaria judaica
Petasites fragrans
Pilosella aurantiaca subsp. carpathicola
Poa annua
Polypogon viridis
Ranunculus repens
Rumex obtusifolius
Sagina procumbens
Schedonorus arundinaceus
Senecio cineraria
Senecio vulgaris
Silene dioica
Smyrnium olusatrum
Solanum nigrum
Sonchus oleraceus
Stellaria media
Taraxacum officinale agg.
Triglochin maritimum
Tripleurospermum inodorum
Tripleurospermum maritimum
Ulex europaeus
Valerianella carinata
Veronica chamaedrys
Veronica persica
Veronica serpyllifolia
Vinca major

On another day over the New Year Matt Stribley counted over 90 vascular plants in flower in and around Truro.

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